Russian Girls Looking for Men
Russian Girls looking for men

Russian Girls Looking for Men

The possibility of finding love in Russian, or any of the other Former Soviet Union (FSU) Countries, online is Fact, not fiction!

It's happens every day, it happened to me a few years ago and I'm still happily married to a wonderful Russian Girl..

There are hundreds of Russian Girls Dating Sites online offering to help you find your perfect partner, but how do you know which sites to trust?

Many have profiles of women that are either out of date (they're already married or no longer looking) or of scammers who are just after your money..

Others charge an arm and a leg for each and every time you contact a lady...

This site is here to share what I learnt when I was looking for my Russian Girl, to help you know which sites are worth using and which to steer clear of.

Russian Girls Looking for Men - Avoid Scammers!

Avoiding scammers is fairly simple, just use your common sense, and no matter how beautiful the lady is, if she starts coming on too strong or asking for money for all sorts of things, you should probably being saying no..

I would also recommend checking out the excellent "Anti Scams" Book that goes through scamming techniques and tips for avoiding them in details.

How did I find my Russian Lady?

Looking for love online can be a hell of a lot of fun.

Check out some of my favorite sites below and you will soon see what I mean.

Once you've got a feel for the different sites, choose your favourtite to set up a free advert for yourself.

Make sure you put a clear and honest description of yourself and include some photos, preferabley one or two of you looking smart in a shirt and tie, that always impresses the ladies! ;)

Then sit back and wait for the emails to start dropping in to your in box.

No, I'm not kidding. You can get LOTS of emails from very attractive ladies very soon after your advert is up on one of the sites. You'll probably be surprised at just how many responses you get and how beautiful the girls are..

Now stop reading and go do it.........

-: Recommended Sites :-

Recommended Russian Ladies Dating Sites

This is a fairly short list, as it is only those sites that I found to be the best dating sites with the best terms, prices and ladies profiles..

Absolute Agency Dating Service

loveme russian dating site

Brides RU

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Russian Girls looking for men